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Training – Health & Safety

Accidents have a human cost and can affect morale. Employees want to know that they are safe and that those around them pose no danger.

Accidents also directly impacts bottom line profits. The safest firms are always among the most profitable - and that is no coincidence.

A good safety record also protects the reputation of your business. Clients, customers and employees alike will want to see evidence that your site is safe.

Reducing accidents in the workplace cuts the cost of;

  • Downtime
  • Legal expenses
  • Insurance premiums
  • Recruitment costs
  • Retraining.

Make sure you know how to stay safe and make your site safe - no matter what you do or what size your business is.

Therefore Dynamic Positions Nepal is currently in discussions with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to explore the possibility of providing the following training courses in Nepal.

 Site Safety Plus

The CITB-Construction Skills' Site Safety Plus Scheme is a comprehensive health and safety training programme designed to provide the building, civil engineering and allied industries with a range of courses for individuals seeking to develop their skill set in this area.

They are designed to give everyone from apprentice to senior manager the skill set they need to progress through the industry. From a one-day Health and Safety Awareness course to the five-day Site Management Safety Training Scheme, our courses will ensure everyone benefits from the best possible training.

What is Site Safety Plus?

CITB-Construction Skills introduced the Site Management Safety Training Scheme nearly 30 years ago and the Scheme now trains more than 13,500 people a year in the UK. As the industry has grown, the on-site environment has changed and roles have diversified.

CITB-Construction Skills has developed a suite of complementary courses which reflect the responsibilities of all those who work on site and recognises there is a natural progression from those first entering the construction industry to those responsible for managing construction work. The courses can be taken individually – for people wanting to remain at operative level or equally those already at site manager level – or they can be taken consecutively as part of a career development programme.

Site Safety Plus is the optimal Scheme for promoting safety consciousness from the moment someone enters the industry until their scaling the heights of senior management. These courses are constantly refined and developed to ensure the content and structure reflects current industry trends and practices. The courses deal with a range of everyday issues of a construction site, and promote the health and safety culture throughout the workforce.

Construction Skills Certification Scheme

CSCS was established in 1995 with the objective of helping the construction industry to get quality up, accidents down and cowboy builders out. Since then a great deal of progress has been made.

In May 2007 the millionth CSCS card was presented. That’s a million people who have formally proved their competency and their awareness of health and safety, a positive move for them, their colleagues, employers and clients as well as the productivity and wellbeing of the industry.

What is a CSCS Card?

The CSCS card is used as proof of competence by major industry organisations, employers, clients and the Government.  The holder will have passed a recognised Health & Safety Examination and will therefore be able to work on site in a safe and responsible manner.

 What cards are there?

Within the CSCS card scheme there are 9 cards, ranging from Red to White.  For the training purposes of unskilled and semi-skilled manpower from Nepal we will concentrate on the Red and Green cards only as that is the minimum level that we believe the majority will need.

Red - Trainee

Green – Construction Site Operative


There are two types of red cards which are both for new entrants to occupations in the construction industry.

Trainee Cards (Craft and Operative)

You will qualify for this card if you are a trainee, and registered for an NVQ or SVQ (or Construction Award) but have not yet achieved level 2 or 3.

Trainee Card (Technical, Supervisory and Management)

You will qualify for this card if you can provide evidence of current registration with a further/higher education college for a nationally recognised construction related qualification. Or you can qualify if you can provide evidence of satisfactorily completing a nationally recognised construction related course in a further/higher education college.

Trainees have the choice between the standard CSCS health and safety course or the health and safety test. The cards are valid for three years. However the Trainee (Technical, Supervisory and Management) card can be renewed for a further three years on application.


The green card is available to operatives who carry out basic site skills only and on the reverse shows the occupation the individual is involved in.

There are two ways to apply for a green card: via NVQ level 1; or by employer's recommendation (industry accreditation), which is only open for a limited period of time. The employer must use the competencies list on the reverse of the application form when assessing the applicant.