Dynamic Positions

Why use Dynamic Positions Nepal?

  • Dynamic Positions draw on over 50 year’s experience of providing international recruitment solutions.

  • We offer a simple and transparent supply chain, controlling the whole process from taking the order to hand picking, training and delivering the workforce.

  • We have offices on the ground in which ever region we are supplying.  Therefore we are able to provide onsite support to both our clients and our workers.

  • Using our expertise in training and testing construction workers to CSCS standard, we can guarantee that our workforce will have basic Site Safety and First Aid Training.

  • We are the only manpower company that is training it’s operatives to UK and International standards at source.  Therefore saving our client time and effort as they don’t have to start training once the workers arrive at the destination.

  • We can supply all levels of personnel, from Construction Managers through to Unskilled Labour.  You will have no need to go elsewhere for all your project requirements.